It’s 2015, Moms Breastfeed. Get Over It!

My hope for 2015 is to continue to support and encourage Mothers as they feed their babies. That’s all that Breastfeeding is… It’s a baby eating. It is what nature intended. It is *how* nature intended. IMG_4643 It’s going to be 2015 tomorrow, and why is a baby eating so offensive in this day & age?!! It’s nearly 2015 people! Please, the next time you see a Mom feeding her baby, give her a warm smile….a high five… “Good job Mama, keep up the great work!” Encourage her. Even if you did not nurse your children. Show her compassion. Don’t stare. Don’t give her dirty looks. Don’t point. Don’t make stupid gestures. Don’t moo at her. (Unless you really want to be punched in the face and in this case the action is justified) Treat her like the Goddess she is. Breastfeeding is Awesome! None of this “I didn’t breastfeed and my kids came out just fine” BS. To say that to a Mama just undermines everything we do and how hard we work. Some Moms fight for there breastfeeding experience. Many moms do not nurse at all because of the fear of public persecution. Isn’t that sad? How unfortunate. Being a Mom is hard enough– We should never have to defend our baby’s right to eat. Ever. If a baby eating makes you feel uncomfortable: don’t look. If a baby eating is offending you: get over it. It is THAT simple. Moms shouldn’t have to cover up. It’s like a huge bullseye telling everyone “HELLOOOOO!! BABY EATING OVA HERE!” Do you like eating with a blanket over your head? It’s hot, you get sweaty. right? Why should an adults (or a strangers’) comfort level take priority over a little baby getting fed? Do you know how amazing it feels to have your baby look into your eyes as you nurse? It’s a feeling unlike anything else. It’s bonding in the purest form. It’s raw. It’s euphoric at times. It’s love. Why hide? IMG_5294 “Oh she can just pump…” Why should a Mom have to pump before getting out of the house? Do you know how inconvenient pumping is? Like we got time for that! Ha! And some babies refuse bottles. And some Moms don’t respond to Pumps. Some pumps are $350-$500, that is a lot of money! So, there goes that idea!!!

No breastfeeding in church? So a baby cannot attend church with Mom because it’s not modest to feed in a house of worship? Hold on, let me think here for a second: JESUS WAS BREASTFED!  If that delicious liquid gold is good enough for the ‘Son of God’, then it must be good enough for your baby, too.

Mothers shall NEVER be directed to feed a baby in a public restroom. (Do YOU eat next to a stranger going poop?!) that’s just foul. Ok, Come on… Don’t ever suggest something so vile to a new Mother.

Please, General Public: Stop directing Mothers to feed their children in any other location than where they are. Any place is a perfect place to feed. I hope to witness Breastfeeding rates rise in 2015 as Mothers get support and encouragement from the community. It starts with us.

Share the love. Be the change. Support. Encourage.

“Don’t Hide, Nurse With Pride!”

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