We Are (finally) Pregnant!

I can finally share the exciting news.. Yes, I am pregnant with our second child!

Getting pregnant after my miscarriage last year wasn’t the easiest, in fact, it took eight months of trying and lots of “tricks” to make it happen. So what worked, that cycle in May? I am unsure. I did a lot of things actually, so to put it on one or the other..Really, I do not know. I did try acupuncture along with soy isoflavones, on the previous cycle, so perhaps that played a part. I used ovulation predictor kit and used PreSeed every time. I did the ‘pillow trick’ every night I was ovulating and fell asleep that way until 2 or 3am every time. I drank lemonade a lot and ate ice cream every night before bed.

I didn’t really notice any strong symptoms because every month I got pretty good at telling myself I was pregnant. My boobs started to get sore at 8DPO and I was sleeping really good at night. (not normal for this insomniac) My uterus had that full, heavy feeling and whoa, I had the worst headaches ever! At 12DPO, I was on my way to get my daughter something from Target, while I was in there I was like, “What the heck…might as well get another box of First Response, I am out of them anyways…”  So we grabbed a box and and then we went for our lunch date with the girls at Nordstrom Cafe’. (Our favorite place to have lunch) I had the box of pregnancy tests still in my diaper bag and since I was having to pee every hour, I took a test right there…in Nordstrom’s bathroom, before lunch! I put it in my bag, washed my hands, walked out and met up with my girlfriends and our kids for lunch. We sat down, ordered and about 15 min later I glanced in my bag and my heart fell on the floor! It was a faint positive! Faint, yes…but still POSITIVE!! I passed it around the table and everyone agreed…BFP! Yay! I am pregnant!
So yes, I got my BFP at Nordstrom… what is even better, as I am sitting at lunch, staring at this BFP, in absolute shock, I got a call from a fertility specialist who wanted to start me on treatments. It felt so good to say, “I wont need to schedule those appointments because I just got a positive pregnancy test!”
I am just over the moon with excitement. I went in for my genetic testing appointment and the specialist said the baby did not show any signs of genetic disorders and “This baby couldn’t look more perfect!” ahhh! What a relief. I go in for my 20 week appointment in September.
These days, I am feeling pretty yucky. Luckily, the morning sickness (that lasts all day) only has me barfing up one meal per day; its an improvement because with Ella, I had HG and had to get IV fluids frequently. I threw up non stop, several times day until 24/25 weeks. I really pray this pregnancy is easier and the all-day sickness doesn’t last that long. If I can keep my prenatal vitamins  down, I know I am good!
I know that every week that passes is one week closer to meeting and holding my miracle baby. And a miracle he/she really is. A lot of prayers, tears, appointments, money, diligence and love went into this little persons creation. I am just in awe of it all!  How can you love someone so much, that is so little and you have never met them before?
Pregnancy is such a wondrous 40 week (ish) event for me. The fact our bodies make people and it knows just what to do. It is simply extraordinary!
And so it begins… The creation of life: “Our Family is Growing!!”
Everything is going fantastic, my appetite is slowing coming back and baby girl is becoming quite active. I am near the half way point of this pregnancy and feeling great! I am doing prenatal yoga everyday, lots of stretching  and I walk as much as I can.