An Ode To My Daughter

My Dearest Gabriella Grace,

I love you more than life. More than there is sand at the beach. More than there’s water in the ocean. More than there are stars in the sky. More than anything. You were a wanted, prayed for, carefully planned soul. The day you were born, I promised God that I would give you the world. And I plan to give you nothing less.

But I will warn you: My job as your mother goes far beyond the love I have for you. I will always be your biggest cheerleader. I will always be the one screaming the loudest for you at your games. I will always be the Mom who puts notes in your lunch box. I will always be the Mom who feels like she won the jackpot the day you were born. I will always be the Mom who wakes you up with cupcakes in bed on your birthday. I will always be the Mom who stays up late, worrying about if I’m doing things right. I will always be the Mom who is the class “Room Mother”. I will always be the relaxed Mom, or at least the Mom who tells herself to relax. I will always be the Mom who literally gets sick to my stomach at the thought of you dating, driving and ‘being out in the real world’.  I will always be the Mom who tells you to stand up for what you believe in, even if that means you are standing alone. I will always be the Mom who, God help any kid that bully’s you. I will always be the Mom, who screams (loudly out the car window) “Bye honey, have a good day…LOVE YOU!!!”, as you walk up the stairs to school. I will always be the Mom who has lunch dates with her kids. I will always “check in” with you. I will always make sure you are protected from the evil of this world. I will always check on you, tuck you in and kiss you good night, one last time before going to bed for as long as you live in my house. I will always be the Mom who hides your favorite candy in her purse and eats it with you when we go to the movies. I will always be the Mom who pushes you, because I know you can do it. I will always be “that mom”: The Mom who is obsessed with their children. I will always be the Mom who believes in not judging others and will teach you not not judge as well. I will always be the Mom who teaches her kids values. I will always be the Mom who loves life, and I love it even more because you are in it. I will always be the Mom who shows you all the beauty God gave us on Earth. I will be the cool Mom. I will always be the Mom who encourages you to fill your mind with knowledge. I will be the Mom, running behind you screaming with joy as you petal your bike, alone, for the first time. I will always be the Mom who lets you win board games. I will always be the Mom who creates a magical Christmas, every year for you. I will always be the mom who goes the extra mile for you, just because you deserve it. I will always be the Mom who enjoys the simple moments. I will always be the mom who has to Google the latest trends to make sure I am “in the know.” I will always be the Mom who learns every word on the CD, decorates her SUV, makes t-shirts and blasts Justin Bieber all the way to his concert. Because, secretly…I like his music too.

Sure, you will call me embarrassing, sometimes you’ll wish you had a different mother, and probably at times even hate me. But the truth is. I don’t care. I am your mother. I am not your friend. I will listen, offer advice and will genuinely care about the events going on in your life. I will always be there for you. My shoulder will always be yours to cry on. I will bust my butt to give you the many things I didn’t have. I always be there to pick you up when you fall.  I am your mother, the only one you will have. I know the day will come when you will disappoint me, let me down, frustrate me and even upset me to no end. But I am your mother and I will love you through it all. No matter what.

I am strict. I believe in inspection and high expectations. I believe in motivating, pushing and exposing. I believe in chores. I believe in trying, giving everything your best shot and never ‘half assing’. I believe in 100% or nothing at all. I believe in instilling responsibly. I believe in cleaning up after yourself. I believe in consequences. I believe in rewards. I believe in leading my example. I believe in showing/teaching you to be healthy. I believe in giving you make up lessons, so you don’t look like a clown. I believe that less is more. I believe in modesty. I believe in loving your neighbor. I believe in teaching you to accept others. I believe in charity. I believe in allowing my children to decide their own religion, but still giving them a foundation. I believe in YOU! Not because I am mean, lazy or want to be your drill sergeant. I do it because I love you and want you to grow into a successful, powerful and strong woman. Just like the meaning of your name. Gabriella means strength. Sure, you’ll moan and groan as you do your chores, study inside while the other kids are out playing,  but just know that one day you’ll thank me for it. I know the day will come and you will thank me, appreciate me and maybe even regret some of the things you did. But you will never understand the love I have for you, until you experience the love you have for your own child.

I love you, forever and ever…To the Moon and back.

❤ Mommy

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