The Next Chapter

I am moving on. I have left the only industry I have ever known to find a more fulfilling and meaningful parenting experience. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I was heavily involved in the nanny industry for a greater portion of my life. It was my life. I loved helping people, finding them the highest quality in childcare and working with nannies who like me, loved children. But it was becoming something that I had not enjoyed. The families were ‘working the system’, not paying on time and that is if they paid at all! I was working so hard for people who genuinely didn’t care about my efforts and didn’t feel I was merited payment for my efforts. I knew my life was worth more than constantly feeling like shit. It was a never-ending rat race and I didn’t have my running shoes.

Once I sold off my business and moved closer to family, I just sort of fell into writing children’s books. Over the summer I started writing a story about a little boy who has a super hero for a mom. It is titled “Have No Fear, Mommy Is Here!” I just did it for fun. I used to make books when I was a nanny.  Then one day I was reflecting on my nanny career and remembered a time when I was nannying and the six-year-old I was caring for asked me why someone had two daddies. So I took that experience of giving him the right words, to absorb at his little age and starting writing “Addie has Two Daddies”.

For the last six weeks I have been trying to get publishers interested. I copyrighted the title along with the book and sent the manuscript off to an editor. One publisher said “We feel, the content and subject matter of the book is not a compliment to our company.” Thanks but no thanks, jerk. Just admit it…you dont want to represent a book that talks about a unconvential family. Another publisher loved it but they wanted me to pay $7,900 plus an illustrator. I felt that arrangement was quite backwards.

I understand getting published is not easy. I am reading a how -to- guide on making EBooks. My plan is to make the book into an EBook (Once I have a dedicated illustrator) and then make the book into an apple app followed by hardback once I get enough buzz. I know people and have made amazing connections through out the years. I know once this book is released, it’s going to blow up! Sure this sounds pompous of me to say but I am passionate about this book. I honestly feel its going to reach the right people and things will fall into place. It always does. Life has a funny way of working for itself.

So I continue to work, reach out to “power gays”, use Facebook and all social media, read blogs and read ‘how to’ guides to make this book a reality. I am so excited about this book and having you all read it.

Until then, I’m absorbing all I can, reading, studying, learning, watching; as I write the next chapter in The Chronicles of Motherhood.

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